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      the most favorable conditions or level for growth, reproduction, and success

"Your Back Office Specialists"

We are results-driven professionals with a successful and proven track record in Back-Office operations with an emphasis on Finance Operations. Because of our extensive experience in Operational Accounting, Legal and General business management in many different high-tech industries (and several start-ups), we can offer a valuable, broad-based understanding of key business fundamentals and best practices. We are also experienced in the non-profit sector assisting Executives and Board members with their business operations. 

We thrive on challenges and not only understand the start-up mentality, but embrace it. We believe in a collaborative work style and thrive on working with energetic, intelligent and diverse team members.


Certified MWBE -
Minority/Women Business Enterprise

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Are you just starting out and not sure what to do first? Is your organization challenged by dis-organization or has it been mis-managed in the past? Or are you just wanting to streamline your operation? We can help!  


What we can offer:

  • A unique combination of experience and skills  

  • A technical acumen with proficiencies in all Microsoft Office applications on either the Windows or Mac platforms

  • Familiarity with most Financial and ERP software and Accounting packages. 

  • The ability to effectively and professionally communicate at all levels including internal and external customers.

  • Passion – a dedication that comes from loving what we do and producing results.

Company Formation

Choosing a Company Name; Selecting the right business entity to get the most out of your business; Business Licenses & Permits; Application for Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN); Registered Agent Selection 

Finance & Accounting

The most needed functions include operational accounting, financial reporting, auditing, and tax accounting. We can help with setting up your Accounting books or finding professionals who specialize in certain areas of Finance. We also have a Receivables Management division to manage your A/R, B2B Credit & Collections. Click here for more information.

Organizational/Back Office Development

Organizational Development and Office management encompasses the administrative handling, controlling, and maintaining of a balanced process of work inside the organization. General Office Administration includes: Managing Fixtures and Equipment, Office Space, Mail Room, Managing Conference rooms and Calendars, Reception, general maintenance, and other administrative duties. We can set up your office operations and also find office professionals for a more permanent solution.


HR & Training

Human Resource Management is a function designed to maximize employee performance and is primarily dedicated to the management of people within an organization, focusing on policies and systems. We can help with setting up your HR functions and with the selection of benefit providers or finding professionals who specialize in certain areas of HR.


Basic Website Development

We can get your basic website started, purchase your domain name, and set up your email all in just one day. We can also set-up Social Media accounts of your choosing.


Contract Management

Contract management is the management of contracts made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees. We can assist with negotiating and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions in contracts, as well as documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution. We can also help you negotiate License Agreements.


Information Technology

IT is usually synonymous with hardware, software and networks, but it also encompasses other information technologies such as telephony, VOIP (Voice over IP), miscellaneous peripherals, internet, e-commerce, data storage and software as a service (SAAS). Although Optimum does not perform IT functions on direct engagements, we can assist in finding the most qualified professionals and organizations to meet your needs.


Notary Public

State of Washington

State of California - pending

Services Anchor


      the action of helping or doing work for someone; act of assistance, providing help or aid


expert skill and knowledge, prowess, proficiency, competence

About Anchor


  • Our excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to work effectively within and across departmental lines and with your internal and external customers, allow us to implement effective strategies and produce results.


  • Our experience, skills and and best practices compliment our ability to identify and troubleshoot actual and potential operational problems.


  • We have a solid reputation for affecting significant process improvement complimented by a strong technology proficiency, including experience evaluating and deploying Accounting and other software solutions.


  • Our industry background centers on high-tech industries including software, hardware, telecommunications and consulting business sectors as well as Non-Profits.

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Principal/Managing Member

Nora Duffy is the Principal and Managing Member of Optimum Business Consulting LLC as well as our sister company Optimum Receivables LLC.


Ms. Duffy comes with a wealth of knowledge from her experiences working with Fortune 500 companies in diverse industries including Microsoft, T-Mobile, Getty Images and Avanade.


Although her background was originally in Finance and Accounting, those skills have been augmented by positions that have encompassed the Legal arena, specifically with Intellectual Property, Corporate formation and Contract Management. In addition, Nora has held management positions which have given her the opportunity to significantly contribute to teams in Information Technology, HR and Payroll, and Back Office administration.


Nora is an accomplished 30-year commercial Credit & Collections Manager veteran and is NACM certified. She is also an active Notary Public in the State of Washington.


Optimum Business Consulting partners with a diverse network of business professionals in order to tailor almost any solution to your needs and can provide services to any location in the United States and Canada.

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Cathedral City, CA 92235-1704


T: +1 206 478 2539

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